9 Places Popular Place to Sell Used Nerf Guns w/ Sold Prices

Selling used Nerf guns can be a frustrating task with lots of questions- where to sell, how much, etc. I breakdown where I have sold all of my nerf guns

In November of 2020, I decided it would be a good idea to start a YouTube channel testing popular questions everything in between related to Nerf guns.  Shameless plug, you can check out the Dart Dudes channel here.  I love Nerf guns but we simply don’t have the space in our house for all of these guns. After … Read more

Best Nerf Guns Under $50 – Winning Nerf Wars On A Budget

Best Nerf Guns Under $50

Sometimes you need to be able to bring the heat in a Nerf war but your budget isn’t quite in line with your aspirations. So where does a would-be Nerf warlord look to find out what blasters they should be packing? Welcome to our breakdown of the Top 5 Nerf Guns Under $50! We’ve taken a … Read more

Best Nerf Machine Guns For A Rapid Fire Nerf Attack

Best Nerf Machine Guns

Nerf blasters come in many varieties. There are long-range blasters, modular blasters, and multi-use blasters––and then there are blasters that just destroy everything! When it comes time to take the fight to the next level, grab a Nerf machine gun and make sure that your enemies don’t stand a fighting chance. But which blaster is right … Read more

The Best Nerf Guns for 11 Year Olds – Comparisons & Reviews

When you begin searching for the right gun for your 11-year-old son or daughter, think about the following factors: Ammo Capacity, Style and Design, Ammunition, Speed Power, & Weight.  After we detail the top 5 guns, we share everything you need to know about these factors to help you pick the one that is right for … Read more

Nerf Vs. BOOMco. The Detailed Comparison

For those who may have come across BOOMco. during their research and are curious to know which one of the brands may be considered the best out of their competitors, let’s compare Nerf vs. BOOMco. to see which line of dart guns comes out on top!

While Nerf is arguably the most well-known brand of foam dart blasters out there, there are several other lines available on the market that are said to offer a comparable experience.  One of these lines that may be offered up during discussion is one known as BOOMco. For those who may have come across BOOMco. during their … Read more

Nerf Mega Cycloneshock vs. Strongarm – Comparison

Today we'll be examining two impressive toy guns befitting for your adventure. Get ready to dive into the toy gun world of nerf cycloneshock and strongarm!

Adventure… Everyone is a big fan of it. Wherever there’s a reason to be happy, excited, or active, adventure is always present as the core source of energy.   Today we’ll be examining two impressive toy guns befitting for your adventure. Here are the biggest differences: The Mega Cycloneshock has 6 mega sized darts where Strongarm has … Read more

Nerf Rival Zeus Review – Comprehensive

If nerf battling had an OP weapon, this is it. Introducing the Nerf Rival Zeus. Here is our full review of the very exciting and versatile Zeus.

Yes, manual, one shot at a time blasters are all well and good. But you know what is truly terrific?  A battery-powered, flywheel semiautomatic blaster that pumps ball after ball out at a speed of around 89 feet per second.  If nerf battling had an OP weapon, this is it. Introducing the Nerf Rival ZeusNerf … Read more