Nerf Disruptor Review

Review: we only felt it was right to mention one of its closest competitors, the Nerf Disruptor. Figuring out the key differences between the many different handguns that Nerf offers can be difficult to do on your own, which is the reason why we created this guide.

Nerf enthusiasts everywhere look to grow their collection with new Nerf blasters.For those who are just starting to get into Nerf or for those who are looking to grow their secondary weapon stash, pistols are often at the top of the list as they are easy to operate and very reliable. In our last review, we … Read more

The 30+ Best Nerf Guns to Buy for Christmas – Broken Down by Age & Price

here is a comprehensive list of the 30+ best Nerf guns for Christmas, broken down by different factors such as age and price. When you’re ready, let’s dive in!

Christmas: the gathering of family and the sharing of gifts that excite the children and bring to the faces of everyone watching. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a child open a present that they really wanted (or that they weren’t expecting) and watching their face light up as they realize what is inside. For many parents … Read more