Best Nerf Machine Guns | 5 Perfect For A Rapid Fire Attack

Best Nerf Machine Guns

By: Jeremy AldenNerf blasters come in many varieties. There are long-range blasters, modular blasters, and multi-use blasters––and then there are blasters that just destroy everything! When it comes time to take the fight to the next level, grab a Nerf machine gun and make sure that your enemies don’t stand a fighting chance. But which blaster … Read more

9 Most Popular Places to Sell Used Nerf Guns w/ Sold Prices

Selling used Nerf guns can be a frustrating task with lots of questions- where to sell, how much, etc. I breakdown where I have sold all of my nerf guns

By: Jeremy AldenI love Nerf guns but we simply don’t have the space in our house for all of these guns.After I purchased them and reviewed the blasters, I would place them for sale on numerous different places. After some trial.. and a lot of error, here are my favorite and most successful places to … Read more

My Nerf Elite Blaster Rack Review | Best Nerf Blasters Storage

My Nerf Elite Blaster Rack Review

By: Jeremy AldenNerf players who are just starting their collection may be able to store their Nerf blasters and ammo or other accessories in a small bin for the time being. However, as their collection grows, proper storage is important, especially if they have expensive blasters and gear that could be ruined if they’re not put … Read more

My Nerf Doomlands the Judge Review

If you’re looking into the Nerf Doomlands, The Judge as your next blaster, continue reading the review below to learn more about this blaster and how it performs.

By: Jeremy AldenIn our last review, we covered the Lawbringer, a Nerf Doomlands 2169 blaster that brings the element of intimidating into every battle. As we stated before (and we most likely will state again throughout our various other Doomlands reviews), we love this line because of its unique blaster choices and qualities. What is clear with … Read more

My Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Review

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Review

By: Jeremy AldenSummer is here, which means that it is time for children to finally break out those toys and start embarking on fun adventures with friends. Among some of the most popular toys around are Nerf blasters but it can be hard to make a decision given the vast number of products that Nerf has to … Read more

My Nerf Disruptor Review

Review: we only felt it was right to mention one of its closest competitors, the Nerf Disruptor. Figuring out the key differences between the many different handguns that Nerf offers can be difficult to do on your own, which is the reason why we created this guide.

By: Jeremy AldenNerf enthusiasts everywhere look to grow their collection with new Nerf blasters.For those who are just starting to get into Nerf or for those who are looking to grow their secondary weapon stash, pistols are often at the top of the list as they are easy to operate and very reliable. In our last … Read more

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Review

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster Review: The blaster that gives nightmares to opponents.

By: Jeremy AldenWhen you take a look at many of the blaster options that Nerf offers, many of them are rather tame weapons to bring into battle. Whether it is a handgun or a semi-automatic blaster with a large ammo capacity, we would not say that any of these popular weapons are “overkill”. That said, Nerf … Read more

My Nerf Halo Bulldog SG Review

Nerf Halo Bulldog SG Review

By: Jeremy AldenTo help you get your child the right blaster that they’re sure to enjoy, let’s start by taking a look at the Nerf Halo Bulldog SG.  This blaster has a lot of punch, awesome design and  strikes fear in the competition. It is a perfect gift for kids 7 and up! Nerf Halo Bulldog SG … Read more