The Best Nerf Blasters Reviewed (2021); The Right Mix of Power and Price

Best Nerf Blasters

The worst thing that can happen when you begin playing with your Nerf guns is realizing that the blasters you purchased are not as great as you thought they would be.  Some blasters live up to their expectations while others make you wish you had made a more educated decision. If you are considering purchasing … Read more

The Best Nerf N-Strike Elite Guns [2021] with Reviews

Best Nerf Elite Guns

The Nerf N-Strike Elite series is a series of blasters that provide increased range compared to the early N-Strike series by Nerf. If you’re interested in purchasing a blaster from the N-Strike Elite series, use the buyer’s guide and suggestions below to help you find the best Nerf Elite gun for you.Quick Look: The 5 Best … Read more

The Best Single Shot Nerf Guns – Comparisons & Reviews For 2021

Best Single Shot Nerf Guns

Single-shot Nerf blasters have a lot going for them. While they lack the rapid-fire capabilities of their flywheel-powered motorized counterparts, they make up for it in increased accuracy, lower overall weight, and a reduced tendency to jam in the heat of battle. That last is especially important, because who wants to be stuck in the middle … Read more

Best Nerf Guns Under $50 [2021]; Winning Nerf Wars On A Budget

Best Nerf Guns Under $50

Sometimes you need to be able to bring the heat in a Nerf war but your budget isn’t quite in line with your aspirations. So where does a would-be Nerf warlord look to find out what blasters they should be packing? Welcome to our breakdown of the Top 5 Nerf Guns Under $50! We’ve taken a … Read more

Nerf Ultra Four Review: Perfect for Stealth

If the Nerf Ultra Four has caught your eye, let’s take a closer look at this blaster and what you should know before you decide to buy it for the Nerf enthusiast close to you!

Almost every line has a smaller, lower-capacity blaster that helps introduce younger Nerf enthusiasts to the world of Nerf. So far, we have only encountered primary and secondary weapons throughout the Nerf Ultra Series. Fortunately, the fourth entry in our series, the Nerf Ultra Four, will introduce you to a weapon that is more appropriate for … Read more

Best Nerf Guns For 6 Year Olds [2021]; Reviews & Comparisons

Best Nerf Guns for Your 6-Year-Old

When it comes to giving your children Nerf guns, you want to make sure that they are given a blaster that is safe for them to use and provides them with hours of entertainment. Some Nerf guns are almost impossible to use incorrectly, whereas others contain parts that children can easily choke on or hurt themselves … Read more

The 5 Best Nerf Crossbows For 2021 (Reviews)

Best Nerf Crossbow

Although you can have plenty of fun using traditional Nerf blasters, sometimes we all need a little variety in our lives. Crossbows are a great way to get this variety because they have the novelty of a new toy but still contain the power of a Nerf gun. If you’ve been looking for a good crossbow to … Read more

11 Really Cool (& Cheap) Nerf Guns for the Thrifty Shopper

11 Really Cool (& Cheap) Nerf Guns

If you’ve taken a look at the vast number of products that Nerf has to offer, you may have noticed that some of their blasters can be quite excellent but at the same time, quite expensive. Some of these blasters may not be as affordable for some people and that may deter them from getting their … Read more