Nerf Elite SurgeFire Review

As we’ve stated in the past, the Nerf N-Strike Elite series is one of the most intriguing. Boasting a massive line of blasters that vary in design and performance, there is almost nothing you can’t find in the Nerf N-Strike Elite series.

Whether you are looking for a handgun, a motorized blaster, or a manual weapon that will give you more control over your blasting experience, there is something for everyone in this line.

We did an unboxing and simple review video of the Surgefire. 

One of the less talked about weapons in this series, which offers that “something in-between” experience for Nerf users who want a manual weapon that has more power and ammo than the average blaster, is the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster. 

Do you fall into this group?

Have you taken notice of the SurgeFire but have yet to purchase it for yourself? If so, take a look at our review here to get the most comprehensive scoop available on the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster!

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Style and Design

If you have paid close attention to the N-Strike series over the year, you will have noticed the subtle transition from blasters that use a plain blue color on the body to those that use a blue featuring an angular skin that adds more flair to the blaster.

Almost any Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster that features this skin looks far more attractive than the average product, which really boosts the appeal of the SurgeFire.

Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

Besides this new pattern, the SurgeFire still incorporates the traditional orange in the center and towards the front of the blaster.

Beyond the color scheme, the body looks great too. This is a rather slim blaster with great detail that helps it to stand out from similar products in the line.

If having an attractive Nerf blaster is a must, the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster will do the job.

Ammo Capacity

The Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster features a 15-dart rotating barrel, which is an impressive number considering its relatively small size and light weight.

Add to the fact that this is a manual blaster, which will allow you to conserve your ammo and better utilize your darts, this is an excellent amount of firepower to have on your side when you march into battle.

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For those who are tired of manual weapons that offer little to no ammunition, the SurgeFire can do a lot of damage where other blasters fall short.

Firing Style and Range

In order to fire all 15 of your darts, the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire uses a pump-action priming mechanism to prepare your blaster.

Unlike other blasters, however, the SurgeFire allows for slam fire action, which is a great help when you find yourself against overpowered opponents.

Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

As this is a product from the Nerf N-Strike Elite series, you do get the 90-foot firing range that you would expect from the rest of their Nerf blasters.

Overall, with 15 darts at your disposal and the ability to rapidly fire them at enemies up to 90 feet away, you are going to be able to hold your own in any Nerf war with the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire.

What We Like

  • Large Ammo Capacity - The more darts, the merrier. After all, while manual weapons give you better control and accuracy, they also need to be able to hold enough ammo to justify using them.

    If you run out of ammo too quickly, it doesn’t matter how much control you have; you’re a goner! Fortunately enough, the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire comes with 15 darts, which is more than enough to make it a suitable primary weapon for light Nerf battles or packed Nerf wars!
  • Easy to Load Through Open Front - Yep! You guessed it! We are very happy that this blaster comes with enough room around the sides to allow you to reload your weapon without having to twist your darts to slide them into the slots.

    Although it is not the most open weapon we have encountered thus far, they are still very considerate when it comes to allowing you to reload without too much difficulty. If you need to be able to access your darts slots, the good news is that the SurgeFire allows you to do so!
  • Comes With Slam Fire Action Capabilities - A lot of pump-action weapons lack slam fire, which can be problematic as the act of pumping your blaster to prime it can often be slow, leaving you vulnerable in the time that it takes to successfully pump and fire your blaster (and repeat the process).

    With slam fire, you are able to quickly pump your blaster and fire your darts with little interruption, which is perfect if you find yourself up against someone with a faster blaster.
Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire
  • Simple, Lightweight Design - The Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster is attractive yet simple. It isn’t packed with a lot of extra features, which keeps it light and easy to carry into battle.

    If you’re looking for a no-nonsense blaster that will make it easy for you to go into battle and achieve your goals, we highly recommend the SurgeFire as your next purchase.
  • Long Enough Distance for Versatile Blasting - There are a lot of unique blasters on the market, but the problem with these offers is that they do not always offer the range that you need to be competitive against other players.

    When your blaster can only reach 40 to 50 feet, you have enough for close to mid-range combat but not enough to combat players who can shoot you from far distances.

    With 90-feet of blasting power, the SurgeFire is a versatile weapon that will help you out of any sticky situation you may encounter on the playing field.
  • Pump Range Is Short - Some pump-action blasters have a handle that needs to be pumped at least a foot before the weapon is properly primed.

    Although this is not necessarily a massive distance, it is much larger than the short pump distance required by users of the SurgeFire blaster.

    When it comes to efficiency, this shortened distance makes a world of difference when you come face-to-face with another Nerf player.
Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire

What We Don’t Like

  • You Have to Be Careful With Pump-Action Weapons - While pump-action guns may be fun and exciting, they are known for being quite problematic. If they are not pumped right, they may not fire or they may break.

    If they are pumped too hard, the same rules apply, which is difficult when you have a weapon that states that it has slam fire capabilities. As always, exercise caution when you are using the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire blaster.

    Make sure that you are priming your weapon properly and don’t be too rough with your blaster. Otherwise, you may end up with a weapon in your arsenal that is not capable of performing!

  • Reloading May Be Difficult in Battle - (This is a problem with most manual Nerf blasters, so don’t let it be a major deterrent if you are thinking about purchasing this weapon for yourself.)

    Although this blaster has open sides that make it easier to load your weapon, it is still relatively difficult to get all 15 darts into your blaster in a reasonable timeframe, especially when it comes time to rotate your barrel so that you can reach the other slots that are inaccessible at the bottom and the top of the blaster.

    Unless you can find a suitable place to take cover or you are okay with only using a certain number of darts at a time, you may not want to carry the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire into a battle that has minimal cover locations or so many players that you find it hard to evade shots.
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Our Verdict

Despite some of the common issues that accompany pump-action blasters or manual blasters as a whole, this blaster is a great weapon overall.

With a new design that is attractive for the next generation of Nerf enthusiasts, ample ammunition to go up against motorized blasters and larger manual weapons, and a simple design that makes it easy for every user to operate, the Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire is the perfect manual weapon for someone who wants a primary blaster that can rely on in the heat of battle!