Nerf Vigilon Review – Actual User!

Most Nerf blasters are excellent outdoor weapons, but for those who have smaller homes with minimal space to move around, some of the heavy-duty blasters you have seen so far may not be the right fit for families with kids who spend most of their time inside.

However, that is not to say that there aren’t Nerf blasters better suited for their needs. One great indoor alternative to larger dart blasters are disc guns, such as those offered in the Nerf Vortex series.

If you are looking for an excellent beginner weapon in this series, let’s dive deeper into the Nerf Vortex Vigilon disc blaster and what type of experience it can offer for you.

Nerf Vigilon Review (Vortex!)

Style and Design

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon blaster looks like most handheld Nerf blasters do. In fact, if you bought it without knowing that it shot discs, you probably wouldn’t notice that it was any different until you tried putting darts into the blaster’s body!

NERF Vortex VTX Vigilon

This blaster has a small body that is perfect for Nerf enthusiasts of any age and features plenty of different designs to choose from (there four different versions of this blaster on the market). These options include:

The Original Nerf Vortex Vigilon: An attractive disc blaster featuring a bright orange front end that is balanced out by the pale green, light grey, and charcoal grey pieces on the handle and the back end (all tied together with a simple, mechanical-looking casing).
The Subsequent Sonic Series Nerf Vortex Vigilon: Unfortunately, these products are a little harder to find and less available than their counterparts. However, this option sports a clear green casing with orange elements that is reminiscent of a water gun.
  • The Nerf Vortex Vigilon Re-Release: This is arguably one of our favorite versions of the product. Rather than utilizing the same kind of colors seen throughout the series, the re-release looks like a major upgrade to past iterations, sporting a bright white and dark red body that makes it look like a serious blaster. If you want something more attractive and intimidating than the average disc blaster, this version is a great one to purchase.
NERF Vortex Vigilon Blaster
  • 5-disc Vortex Vigilon blaster
  • Built-in, quick-drop disc clip snaps open for reload
  • Blaster holds up to 5 discs
  • The Nerf Vortex VTX Vigilon: The Nerf Vortex VTX Vigilon is a much lighter version of the other blasters, giving users a soft blue with green stripes that serve to tone down the look and feel of the Vigilon.
NERF Vortex VTX Vigilon
  • Measures 11.5 inches (H) x 3.19 inches (W)
  • For ages 8 years and up
  • Made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), polypropylene

Given that you have so many options to choose from, the Nerf Vortex Vigilon is a great weapon for those who want to diversify their collection and find a blaster that is perfectly tailored to their needs.

Ammo Capacity

Unlike some of the disc blasters that you may have used in the past, the Nerf Vortex series stands out by using XLR (Xtra Long Range) discs for the blasting experience.

XLR discs are made out of a strong yet flexible type of plastic that offers improved accuracy and firing distance.

NERF Vortex VTX Vigilon

While you can find larger blasters in this series, the Nerf Vortex Vigilon offers a comfortable 5-dart capacity that is perfect for those who are looking for a handgun to use during their battles.

Additionally, this blaster is made more convenient by offering a drop-down, built-in clip that offers easy reloading access when you are ready to prime and fire your weapon!

Firing Style and Range

The Nerf Vortex Vigilon has the same priming mechanism like many other Nerf handgun blasters, utilizing a pull-back portion on the top that allows you to prime your weapon on each fire.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon Blaster

Simply flip the switch on either side of the handle, load your XLR discs into the drop-down clip, push the clip back in, prime your weapon, and fire at will!

The Nerf Vortex line offers an impressive 60-foot firing range (although you should remember that discs will lose speed as they encounter air resistance while traveling toward their intended target).

Additional Features

Although there are no mind-bending features on this gun, we do like that they included a manual release in the middle of the gun.

This feature is similar to the jam door on other blasters. However, the manual release will spit out any trapped discs rather than requiring you to fish them out, which is a major plus for this weapon!

NERF Vortex Vigilon Blaster

What We Like

  • Great Ammo Quality: The biggest issue with your average disc gun is that they provide you with full-foam rounds, meaning that not only will they not travel far but they also will easily become broken or torn.

    Fortunately, Nerf enhances the average disc-blasting experience by providing plastic rounds that last longer and fly farther.
  • Simple Reloading Process: With a built-in magazine and accessible mag releases on both sides, it’s far easier to get your blaster ready to prime and fire.

  • Impressive Distance: Given that you are using discs, many assume that they will be far less efficient than foam rounds. However, discs can fly pretty far and offer the added benefit of ricocheting off walls to make it easier to hit enemies.

    If you want to have a blaster that gives you the perfect indoor shooting experience without completely stripping away the typical Nerf experience, you will get exactly this with the Nerf Vortex Vigilon.

  • Plenty of Styles to Choose From: With most blasters, you are only able to choose the style and design that they give you.

    With the Vigilon, however, you are able to choose between four different versions of the blaster (with the same type of blasting experience across the board). This is great for those who may not be in love with the original design but who like some of the re-releases.

  • Easy Operation: Everything that you could be looking for in a Nerf blaster is built into this gun. From the disc magazine to the manual release to the clip release, you can easily operate the Vigilon in any battle environment.
Nerf Vortex Vigilon Blaster
  • 5-disc blaster features built-in, rapid-reload disc clip so you can stay in the action and on the path to victory
  • Drop-down clip snaps open for reload and holds up to 5 discs

What We Don’t Like

At the time of writing, there are simply no problems that we can find with this blaster!

Nerf Vigilon Review: Our Verdict

When Nerf breaks away from their traditional products, things generally either go very good or very bad.

Fortunately, in the case of the Nerf Vortex Vigilon, Nerf has done an excellent job of creating a disc blaster that works great in indoor environments.

Put simply, if you want a greater starter gun to help you shift into the disc-blaster Vortex series, the Nerf Vortex Vigilon is an excellent, reliable blaster to add to your collection.