Orbeez vs Nerf Gun – Explaining the Differences

Orbeez Vs Nerf Gun: In this guide, we’re going to take a look at both sides to see how they stack up and which you should pick to add to your arsenal.

Here at Dart Dudes, we’re all about Nerf (It’s Nerf or Nothin’!).

However, if you’ve done a fair bit of research outside of some of the recommendations and reviews we’ve provided, you know that there are a lot of other brands out there that offer their own unique experience and may very well be worth looking into. 

Orbeez Vs Nerf Guns - Explaining the Differences

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While some tend to run on the tamer side of things and offer a basic performance that’s reliable on the battlefield, others take things to the next level by giving us something we may have never even heard of.

One such product that’s making its way into the public eye is Orbeez guns.

But what exactly are Orbeez guns, and how do they compare to Nerf blasters?

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In this guide, we’re going to take a look at both sides to see how they stack up and which you should pick to add to your arsenal.

What Are Orbeez and What Is an Orbeez Gun?

Orbeez Vs Nerf Gun: In this guide, we’re going to take a look at both sides to see how they stack up and which you should pick to add to your arsenal.

Even if you haven’t ever used Orbeez, chances are that you know exactly what these things are.

Orbeez (the name brand, for which the products will be referencing are not generally tied to the actual company) are small beads that, when submerged in water, become soft, squishy beads that act as colorful, sensory toys for children.

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On their own, they’re definitely fun to have on hand and can be used in a wide variety of fun projects.

Beyond that, however, there are some toy brands making their own blasters that are designed to shoot out these soft beads.

These types of blasters act like an alternative to paintballs or pellet guns and make it easier for children to have fun without having to be covered in gear in order to protect themselves against the damage that these other types of ammo can do.

Pros of Orbeez Guns

  • Completely New Experience: It can be hard to find new toys out on the market that really distinguish themselves from the competition and give us something entirely new to play with. Gel blaster guns achieve this by giving us an entirely new type of ammo that’s both fun to play with on its own, easy to purchase in bulk, and vastly different from anything that we’ve experienced so far.
  • Less Harmful Ammo Than Pellets or Paintballs: Paintballs and pellets can leave major welts and even cause bleeding. No matter what age you are, this generally wouldn’t be considered to be fun. Orbeez offers a safer alternative that won’t pack as much of a punch and will, generally, be less harmful than other types of ammo. That being said, it’s important to pay attention to the gun specs as well. A gun that shoots out the gel beads too fast may still cause a sting. Always be cautious when firing any new type of blaster.
  • Ammo Can Be Used for Other Fun Activities: If your child doesn’t feel like playing with their Orbeez blaster, they can easily use some of their gel beads for other fun projects that you may have on hand. This versatility means that your Orbeeze will never go to waste!

Cons of Orbeez Guns

  • Lacks One Brand and Reputation: New and inventive blasters are great, but the biggest issue is that there is no Orbeez blaster. This means that the gel blasters being released are all off-brand. Additionally, none of the brands are widely recognized or have a solid standing yet. This means that you may be taking a gamble when you choose to purchase a toy for yourself.
  • Fewer Options: Because Orbeez guns aren’t an established type of weaponry, you may be limited in terms of what you can buy, which may leave some younger players out or leave you to choose blasters that are not as high-quality as you would like.
  • No True Way to Gauge Safety or Performance: Some products may shoot out their Orbeez too fast, which could be potentially painful for younger users. On the other end of the spectrum, blasters may not shoot their gel beads very far or at all, which can be very disappointing after you’ve been anxiously awaiting your new Orbeez blaster. Put simply, there’s no true way to gauge some of the most important aspects of the blasting experience until you’ve actually gotten your hands on the blaster of your choosing.

What Is a Nerf Gun?

Nerf is a popular toy brand that has been producing a wide variety of blasters, water guns, and other fun foam toys for decades. Nerf blasters specifically are products designed to fire foam darts and other foam products like discs and high-impact rounds.

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There are a host of different products to choose from when you begin a Nerf collection, and they’re all safe to use for players of any age!

Pros of Nerf Guns

  • Established Brand: The biggest advantage that Nerf has over other off-brand blasters is the fact that it has been producing quality blasters for decades and has become a well-known, trusted company. Although it’s not unheard of to find a dud here or there, Nerf puts out great blasters regularly, which is why so many turn to them for their outdoor blaster fun. If you want a quality blaster to build or enhance your collection, Nerf is the way to go.
  • Wide Variety of Blaster Options: When people think Nerf, they may just think of the essential Nerf N-Strike Elite series. However, there is a host of other series like Nerf Modulus, Zombie Strike, and Doomlands. Given how long they have been producing blasters, you are guaranteed to find one that meets your needs. Additionally, you can always enhance your blasters with extra accessories.
  • Different Types of Ammo: Whether you’re looking for classic Nerf dart firing action, disc blasters to mix things up, Mega darts to ensure that you hit your opponents, or even high-impact foam rounds if you’re an older player playing a serious game, Nerf has it all!
  • Battery and Manual Operation: Manual blasters are great because they offer you more control during play. Battery blasters are great because they give you more power and the ability to rain darts down on your opponents. No matter which type of operation you’re a fan of, they offer both to help you get the perfect shot every time.
  • Fun for All Ages: Have an older child? Try out the Nerf Rival series! Introducing a younger child to Nerf? Look for a mini blaster instead! With Nerf, every child can find a blaster so that all family members can have fun on the battlefield.

Cons of Nerf Guns

We must state here that there are no inherent cons of Nerf blasters like there are with Orbeez guns.

While some guns may not offer the same quality of performance or come with disadvantages, these are typically outlined in other extensive reviews, meaning that you can usually find an honest, comprehensive overview of a weapon before you buy it.

As long as you do your research before you purchase a Nerf blaster, you should be fine!

Can Nerf guns shoot Orbeez?

Unfortunately, Nerf guns can not shoot Orbeez water beeds and Orbeez cannot shoot Nerf darts

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Orbeez Vs Nerf Guns:  Nerf Now, Orbeez Later

Between Orbeez blasters and Nerf blasters, Nerf will always win. With a trusted brand image, decades worth of exciting blasters to choose from, and varied blaster types and ammo options, anyone can join in on the fun.

Meanwhile, the concept of a gel bead blaster can be cool, but there’s simply no telling what type of quality you will get with the options currently on the market.

Instead, build an arsenal of Nerf blasters now and experiment with some of the Orbeez blasters later.

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