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Member of (Nerfs) Hasbro's exclusive Fun Lab


Columbia Southern University



Dart Dudes exists because I love Nerf guns, Nerf wars, and basically everything about Nerf.

Growing up in a house with four brothers and two sisters, we shared Nerf guns and create our own games. Nerf guns are a part of the fabric of my childhood. Some of my favorite memories with my brothers include fun games that we just made up! 

This is my HUGE family! 

So I thought if would be fun to share my experiences and knowledge with you in the hopes that you find the right gear, or maybe even learn about new fun ways to use your Nerf guns that you hadn't thought about before.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Member of Hasbro's Fun Lab:

I am honored to be a member of Hasbro’s FunLab, the in-house toy and game testing group. FunLab’ s mission and purpose is to provide the researchers, designers, engineers and marketing professionals at Hasbro an opportunity to experience real-time feedback on ideas and see first-hand how a toy or game may be played with.

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