Full List of Walking Dead Nerf Guns with Reviews 

If your child is a fan of any movie or TV franchise, or you’re a collector yourself looking to build up a collection, there are quite a few branded foam dart blasters that will offer you the experience you’re looking for. Take, for example, The Walking Dead.

While Nerf does already have its own line of zombie-based blasters called Nerf Zombie Strike, you might be looking for something entirely different with The Walking Dead-themed dart blasters so that your child can pretend to be their favorite character from the series. 

Full List of Walking Dead Nerf Guns with Reviews

If this is something that appeals to you, let’s take a closer look at The Walking Dead blasters and what they have to offer.   

The Inception of The Walking Dead Blasters: Not Nerf But Buzz Bee Toys 

Even if you’re Nerf of Nothin’, you know that there are a wide variety of other brands creating foam dart blasters available on the market. Many of them go unnoticed, but when a brand gets the rights to create The Walking Dead blasters, it’s bound to attract some attention. Enter Buzz Bee.  

Buzz Bee has long been a competitor of Nerf, whether it’s in regards to their foam blasters or their water guns. Buzz Bee was originally formed in 2000, creating a wide range of blasters for an international audience as well as in their country of China.

Interestingly enough, many of the Buzz Bee executives actually belonged to Larami, which was absorbed by and shut down by Hasbro in the early 2000s. There was also an incident where Buzz Bee was sued by Hasbro for copying the design of one of their Super Soakers, which should tell you how alike the two companies really were.  

Eventually, the brand was taken over by Alex Brands in 2015, which went under in 2020, leaving Buzz Bee operating independently once more.  

Speaking to the line of The Walking Dead blasters, these were released in 2016 and 2017 under the Air Warriors series of blasters and are based on the comic book series, with some of the blasters drawing inspiration from the original line released in 2011.

While Buzz Bee blasters may not be Nerf blasters, they still may be worth checking out if you’re truly invested in branded merchandise and want to get your hands on these types of blasters for yourself.  

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Which The Walking Dead Buzz Bee Blasters Can You Find? 

It’s important to note that while there are actually six blasters in the series, getting your hands on all six can be an issue. In fact, the official Buzz Bee website actually only features two of the blasters (both of which are featured on our list) and the others are difficult to find even at popular retailers.

As such, we’re not going to touch on each blaster as you can’t reliably find every single one. With that in mind, here are some of The Walking Dead Buzz Bee blasters that you can purchase and ship right to your home.  

1. Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Andrea’s Rifle 

Andrea Grimes was one of the key protagonists in The Walking Dead series, forming a very close relationship with Rick in the comic book series.

Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Andrea's Rifle

Her rifle, like all the blasters we will cover in this guide, features a bright red, orange, and white design that’s cartoonishly good and certainly a blast to bring onto any battlefield.  

While this rifle may not look like much, it’s actually designed to work really well. Andrea’s Rifle comes with an eight-dart clip system with specialty long distance darts so that you don’t find yourself reloading every second or using darts that can’t reach their target, a detachable scope to help long-distance shooters hone in on their opponents, and an impressive range of 72-feet to get the most out of your long-distance shots.  

Andrea’s Rifle is pretty affordable for the performance, coming in at around $30.  

Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Andrea's Rifle
  • Clip fed bolt action dart blaster with detachable scope
  • Blasts darts up to 72 feet
  • Secret storage compartment for extra ammo
  • Includes a 25.5in. blaster, scope, 8 long distance darts and a dart clip
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

2. Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Rick's Shotgun 

If you’re an avid fan of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes needs no introduction. Rick’s iconic shotgun from Buzz Bee is a double-barrel blaster that’s capable of firing two darts or one dart at a time for greater flexibility on the battlefield.

Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Rick's Shotgun

This unique blaster actually uses shells as well as series darts to deliver its blasting experience upon the hordes of walkers. Rick’s Shotgun also features extra space for ammo so that you don’t find yourself running out of darts too soon.  

While this is arguably the most important blaster in the series, its performance is a bit lacking, only shooting around 35-feet. Given that it’s a shotgun with hard plastic shells, this can also pose a safety issue for other children.

This blaster is best suited for imaginary play with fake foes or as a collector’s item for sentimental reasons (although shooting at further distances may be okay as long as you play safely). 

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Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Rick's Shotgun
  • Side by side, double barrel dart blaster with realistic break action and shell ejection
  • Blast darts up to 35 feet, one at a time or both simultaneously
  • Secret storage compartment for extra ammo
  • Includes a 25in. long blaster, 6 foam darts and 4 shells
  • Recommended for children 6 years of age and older

3. Buzz Bee The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow 

Dwight is an antagonist that was exiled by Rick in the later seasons but supposedly got a happy ending regardless.

Slice Air Warriors The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow Novelty

His crossbow is arguably one of the most exciting entries in the series for The Walking Dead, offering a clip system capable of holding up to 10 darts at a time (and the blaster comes with two dart clips so that you have ample ammo to carry into battle for easier reloading), an included scope to improve accuracy, and a firing range of up to 100 feet!  

The Walking Dead Blasters By Buzz Bee Can Be Great If You Want a Branded Experience 

While the Nerf blaster has an excellent series for zombies, those looking for something highly personal to them may want the Buzz Bee experience instead. While many of the initial releases are very difficult to find, the guide above will help you find some of the top blasters in the series to make a young Walking Dead fan’s day! 

Slice Air Warriors The Walking Dead Dwight's Crossbow Novelty
  • Features: easy loading
  • Includes: darts, bow
  • Includes: darts, bow