Are Nerf Guns Recyclable? [Insider Knowledge]

Are Nerf Guns Recyclable?

If you are like me and thousands of other Nerf un users you have a few that are non-operational and are pretty beat up. The good news is that you can actually recycle them. 

Nerf guns are made of a hard form of plastic that most local recycling centers are unable to process making them only recyclable through the Hasbro Toy Recycling program with Terracycle.

What is the Hasbro Toy Recycling Program?

Through a partnership with TerraCycle, Hasbro has created the world's first toy recycling program.

This program allows consumers to mail their used and unwanted toys to be properly recycled into other fun new products.

Over 20 million Nerf blasters have been collected through this program! To start your collection log onto:

Are Nerf Guns Recyclable?

How Hasbro Toy Recycling Program Works

Once received, all of the toy pieces are separated by color and type into categories based on Hasbro-branded products such as Nerf, Stretch Armstrong, and Transformers.

Then they are sent out to processing centers where workers use high-tech machines to shred them down into plastic pellets which are melted, molded, and extruded into entirely new plastic products.

Hasbro is the first company to recycle its own products in this way! This program not only preserves the environment but also gives a second life to fun toys that would otherwise be destined for landfills.

How can I recycle my Nerf Gun?

The process is fairly simple;

Step 1. Request the items to be recycled through the Terracycle website

Step 2. Place items into a box to be shipped

Step 3. Print a shipping label for your box

Step 4. Ship it to Terracycle


You can find the in-depth info on these step-by-step instructions by visiting the Hasbro Toy Recycling Program website,, and place your old toys in the pre-paid shipping box provided by TerraCycle [free of charge].

When is it time to recycle an old Nerf gun?

In most cases, you should "retire" the Nerf gun when it is no longer operable or has a ton of scratches, scuffs and marks. Often times you can sell used nerf guns online but only in good to great condition. It's best to use your judgement on the overall look of the blaster. If pieces are missing or it is severely scratched up, it's a good time to recycle it.