9 Most Popular Places to Sell Used Nerf Guns w/ Sold Prices

In November of 2020, I decided it would be a good idea to start a YouTube channel testing popular questions everything in between related to Nerf guns. 

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I love Nerf guns but we simply don't have the space in our house for all of these guns.

After I purchased them then shot the videos, I would place them for sale on numerous different places. After some trial.. and a lot of error, here are my favorite and most successful places to sell them.  

Where to sell used Nerf guns?

The 9 most popular places where you can sell used Nerf guns are: Reddit, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, EBay, OfferUp, Consignment Shops, Craigslist, Yard Sales and Amazon. 

We break down the pros/cons of each of these places in the video below. 

Below is the chart of places where these gently used Nerf guns were sold.

Just a heads up, this list is constantly being updated. Keep in mind since mine were very gently used with no scratches or nicks, these were the prices I received. Prices may vary based on condition of the Nerf gun. 

On average, if the price of the gun is new between $10-$25, you can expect to sell it between $5 and $10. If it is $40+ brand new, $20-$25 is the top range you can expect to sell if for used. 

Nerf Gun

Purchased Price

Place Sold

Sold for Amount

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10




NERF Fortnite SMG-E Blaster




Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor




Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike Series FalconFire


Consignment Shop


Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster




Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster




Nerf Rampage N-Strike Elite Blaster




Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster




Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster 




Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster 




Nerf Zombie Hammer Shot



Gave to Neighbors Kid 🙂

Nerf N-Strike Elite SurgeFire 



Gave to Neighbors Kid 🙂

Nerf Ultra AMP




Nerf CycloneShock




Nerf Ultra Amp




Helpful Tips on Where to Sell Your Used Nerf Gun:

For Reddit:

As you can see I have not sold any on Reddit yet.

This is the most popular page for selling nerf guns on Reddit-  Nerf Exchange

One tip - you need to know the lingo: WTT = willing to trade, WTS = willing to sell

For Facebook Groups:

FYI: Facebook is not as strict about selling Nerf guns versus other guns on their site. In fact, Facebook states that "the sale or trade of firearms is not allowed on Facebook". But they let people sell Nerf guns/blasters all the time.

So if they ban your post, you know why ahead of time. Full disclosure, I have not had any of my posts banned, yet. 

Here is the best group on Facebook that I have tried: Nerf Marketplace

Consignment Shop Tips:

My recommendation is to call around to your closest consignment shops and ask if they are willing to sell Nerf guns. Some may say yes, some may say no. The stores that sell kid focused toys tend to have the most success. 


You would need to setup as a seller on Amazon. Keep in mind that Amazon pushes the new ones first, you might get lucky. 

Here are the instructions to post an item for sale on Amazon