Best Nerf Rival Ammo – The 4 That I Use

The Nerf Rival series was released in 2015 as a way to provide older Nerf enthusiasts with an experience that was much more fast-paced and competitive.

Although the series is characterized by its massive blasters, mythological names, and team-based color scheme, arguably the most exciting addition to the Nerf universe is the Nerf Rival high-impact foam round.

This new foam round travels much faster and farther than the Nerf dart, making it a better ammunition type for high-performance blasting.

Best Nerf Rival Ammo detailed with reviews:

Here is the one that I like to use most frequently, the refill pack. It's exactly the same as what comes with my blaster and it's fairly inexpensive.

NERF Rival 50-Round Refill Pack
  • Refill pack includes 50 high-impact Nerf Rival rounds
  • Works with Nerf Rival blasters (sold separately)
  • Precision and power
  • Includes 50 rounds

But when it comes to this type of ammo, what types of Nerf Rival rounds are there, and which are the best?

Let’s take a closer look at the Best Nerf Rival Ammo.

Spoiler: The Rounds You Purchase Won’t Impact Performance

It’s important to note that, unlike the many different Nerf dart variations we’ve seen over the years, the different types of Nerf Rival foam rounds on the market won’t impact performance.

Jancase 150PCS Rival Ball Refill Pack for Nerf Rival Series

This is due to the fact that there’s no really no variation when it comes to their body, just minor changes to the color scheme. The reason why choosing the right Nerf dart type is that the structure was changed as it was improved, making older models obsolete or not as effective as newer versions.

Because the Nerf Rival series is so new and because the ammo doesn’t need to be perfected given its structure, the type you choose to purchase only depends on your style. With that in mind, what different foam rounds will you see on the market?

The 4 Best Nerf Rival Ammo: Based on My Personal Experience:

The Nerf Rival Original High-Impact Foam Rounds

The original Nerf Rival high-impact foam rounds are, as the name suggests, constructed from high-impact foam and feature small dimples in the body of the round to improve aerodynamics.

Nerf Rival 80 Count High Impact Rounds

These rounds are yellow and have a 7/8" diameter. You’ll be excited to learn that these rounds are quite affordable when you buy them in bulk.

Just make sure that your child is going around the battlefield to recover them each round or the prices can add up rather fast!

Nerf Rival 80 Count High Impact Rounds
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

The Nerf Rival Edge Series High-Impact Foam Rounds

The Nerf Rival Edge series came after the original series in 2019 and focuses more on accuracy.

NERF Rival 50-Round Refill Pack

Offering only a few re-releases of the main blasters, you’ll find that this series is more focused on new sniper-style blasters that are designed to offer players a better long-range blasting experience.

The Nerf Rival Edge series high-impact foam rounds have a similar color scheme to the original series, with foam rounds being lime green rather than yellow.

NERF Rival 50-Round Refill Pack
  • Refill pack includes 50 high-impact Nerf Rival rounds

The Nerf Rival Overwatch Series High-Impact Foam Rounds

Given that this is a similar premise to the Nerf Rival series, it only makes sense that they’d decide to launch their own line of Nerf Rival Overwatch blasters.

NERF Overwatch Rival 30 Round Refill Pack for Overwatch Rival Blasters

Even though the blasters are new and exciting, what we really like is the ammo in this series, which comes in a dark yellow with an Overwatch logo on the face of the round (although you may find other rounds in this series that sport a different color as well).

Nerf Rival Rounds in Other Series

The original Nerf Rival series and the Edge and Overwatch sub-series are the only lines of blasters dedicated to the Nerf Rival experience.

However, we do see re-skins popping up in other lines of blasters, which means that there are also different types of ammo that come with these re-skins. Some re-skins that you should know about include:

  • The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps blasters, which feature a neutral grey color scheme to allow players to choose the team that they want to be on. The Nerf Rival ammo for these weapons is yellow and black.
  • The Nerf Rival Team Red blasters, which feature a yellow and red foam round.
  • The Nerf Rival Team Blue blasters, which feature a yellow and blue foam round.
  • The Marvel line of blasters, which features a Deadpool-themed Nerf Rival blaster. The rounds for this weapon are red.
  • The Star Wars line of blasters, which features a Star Wars: Battlefront-themed Nerf Rival blaster with green and red ammo.
  • The Walmart exclusive Camo Nerf Rival blasters, which feature white and black high-impact foam rounds.
NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge & 6 Overwatch Rival Rounds

Put simply, the type of blaster that you choose will determine what color of Nerf Rival foam rounds you receive.

Because many of these are not original blasters but re-skins, you may want to consider buying a re-skin for the ammo instead of buying the original version if you’re not a fan of the yellow Nerf Rival ammo.

Just keep in mind that getting extra rounds from re-skins may not be a simple task!

NERF Overwatch McCree Rival Blaster with Die Cast Badge & 6 Overwatch Rival Rounds
  • Nerf Rival Overwatch McCree blaster: designed in the style of Overwatch hero mccree’s signature weapon from Blizzard entertainment internationally acclaimed team-based action game Overwatch

The Best Aftermarket Nerf Rival Ammo

Can I Use Off-Brand Foam Rounds With My Nerf Rival Blasters?

Given that you’re rather limited in selection when it comes to Nerf Rival foam rounds, most Nerfers may ask, can I use off-brand foam rounds with my Nerf rival blasters.

Jancase 150PCS Rival Ball Refill Pack for Nerf Rival Series

Generally speaking, you can, but it’s important that you do your research to make sure that the off-brand ammo you choose is the same size as the Nerf Rival series ammo. Otherwise, you’re going to try loading your ammo into your blaster, only to discover that it won’t fire once it’s full.

Are there any good off-brand ammo options out there that you can choose from? The answer varies depending on who you ask, but a couple of recommendations that seem to have a strong backing include Tactical Strike Rounds from Walmart, Headshot rounds, and NFstrike foam rounds.

As long as you are sure that your favorite rounds will fit into your Nerf Rival blaster, you’re good to go!

The Best Aftermarket Nerf Rival Ammo

The best aftermarket nerf rival ammo is the Jancase. It feels exactly the same, the weight is the same and the price is well... see for yourself.

Jancase 150PCS Rival Ball Refill Pack for Nerf Rival Series
  • 【 Rival Ball Refill】: The Diameter of the Rival Ball is 2.3CM and has been tested extensively and proven to perform just as well as the name brand.

Best Nerf Rival Ammo Verdict:

Although the Nerf Rival series offers a lot of variation in their foam rounds in regards to color, you won’t find different types of foam rounds that would make a difference in performance.

Hopefully, that won’t matter to you! If you’re looking for some Nerf Rival foam rounds that aren’t yellow and offer some style and personality for your blasting experience, use the guide above to dive into the different types of Nerf Rival ammo out there and discover what you may want to purchase for your collection in the future!