The 7 Best Nerf Swords and Other Cool Melee Weapons

Although Nerf guns provide plenty of entertainment on their own, there are times where there is nothing more satisfying than eliminating your enemies with Nerf melee weapons.

For those of you who are interested in getting a Nerf melee weapon of your own, here are the 7 best Nerf swords and other cool melee weapons.

Top Choice: Battlemaster Mace Axe

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe

Arm yourself for the ultimate battle experience and grab your Mace Axe. Tough enough to take even your toughest battle action, this gothic-style mace has all the durability you’d expect.

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Yet another long sword option for Nerf enthusiasts, The Nerf Zombie Strike Strikeblade is an apocalyptic-themed, light, three-foot-long blade and a medieval style hilt.

While the previous option was a little bit heavier, this blade is made of a much lighter foam and it is both easier to wield with one hand and less likely to severely hurt your opponents.

Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy
  • High quality toys for children all ages
  • Made using safe materials
  • Tested for quality and durability
  • Strikeblade toy lets you Strike silently against the Zombies
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This blade is also perfect if you plan on doing a game zombie-related because you will already have the gear needed to fight off the zombie horde!

NERF N-Force Klaw Hatchet (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Another shorter option for those who are skilled in close combat, the Nerf N-Force Klaw Hatchet is a small, well-built hatchet perfect for defending against other weapons or using as a projectile.

The foam on this industrial-style hatchet is much harder than other Nerf products, making it sturdier against other Nerf weapons but also potentially dangerous against your opponents.

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If you’re in need of a small melee weapon to carry around in case you run short of ammo, the Nerf N-Force Klaw Hatchet is the perfect choice.

The Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe is a monster of a weapon that is great for close range combat.

At approximately two-and-a-half-feet long, the Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe is a double-sided, gothic-style Axe that is similar to the Strikeblade in feel and use.

NERF N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe
  • The ultimate battle experience
  • Gothic style mace
  • The ultimate choice for hand to hand “combat”
  • Build your arsenal and prepare for “battle”
  • Durable foam mace is the ultimate choice for hand to hand “combat” with a “medieval” edge

Made of a durable foam, this axe is both light to carry and strike with so you won’t have to worry about causing serious damage to your opponents. Overall, this is yet another great close range weapon for Nerf battles. This one also ranks high in the category of best battle axes.

Vendetta Nerf N-Force Double Sword Toy -- Includes 2 Nerf Foam Blades with Plastic Core -- for Kids, Teens, Adults (Amazon Exclusive)

The Nerf N-Force Vendetta Double Sword is one of the most unique additions to the best Nerf swords on this list.

Unlike all of the other Nerf swords on this list, the Nerf N-Force Vendetta Double Sword is actually two swords that can be combined to form a double-ended sword.

When combined, the bottoms of both sword hilts lock together and form one longer hilt with sword blades on both ends of the combined hilt piece. All that you have to do to put these pieces together is to twist the hilt ends together. To unlock them, all you have to do is press a button and twist them apart.

N-Force Vendetta Sword (Discontinued by manufacturer)
  • The Vendetta Double Sword is your ultimate weapon
  • When it’s time for double-blade action
  • Twist the lock in the middle of a sparring session to split your 4.5-foot sword into two swords, one for each hand
  • Fearsome megablade is over 4.5 feet long and splits into two swords, one for each hand
  • Twist the lock to separate the swords or hook them together

When separated, the two swords are approximately two-feet-long and are very light and durable. Combined, the swords are about four-and-a-half-feet long and are durable enough to use constantly but light enough to strike down your foes without hurting them.

If you are a lover of all things magical or medieval, the Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe will make a great addition to your Nerf battles.

Similar to the Nerf N-Force Battlemaster Mace Axe, the Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe is a double-sided axe that is about two-and-a-half-feet-long. The foam is both durable and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for any type of Nerf battle.

From a price point perspective, it's a little pricey. 

Nerf N-Force Warlock Axe - Yellow
  • Durable axe accessory is the ultimate choice
  • Choice for hand-to-hand battle in all kinds of medieval-inspired adventures
  • Arm yourself for the ultimate battle experience and grab your NERF N-FORCE WARLOCK axe accessory
  • Durable enough to stand up to even your toughest combat action
  • Just take hold to become part of the N-FORCE team

The Nerf N-Force Vantage Short Sword is almost the same as the Nerf Zombie Strike Strikeblade but with a more simple Nerf-themed design.

This Nerf sword measures in at about three feet and is made of a durable, soft foam that is perfect for intense sword fights and close combat.

Overall, this one is very light to carry and makes for great fights, especially when you’ve got one in each hand!

N Force Vantage Short Sword
  • Grab your foam N-Force Vantage Sword
  • Tough enough to take even the roughest battle action
  • This classic-style sword has all the durability you’d expect from a totally modern N-Force weapon
  • Build your arsenal and prepare for battle
  • Durable foam long sword is the ultimate choice for combat with a “medieval” edge

Nerf Zombie Z Bat

The final addition to this list is the Nerf Zombie Strike Z-Bat, another melee weapon designed specifically for zombie-based Nerf combat.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Z-Bat is probably one of the more simple and more stylish weapons on this list, featuring that is wrapped in cloth towards the handle section and a top that is wrapped in foam made to look like a metal plating.

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The advantage that Nerf enthusiasts have while using this weapon is that it is more of a club shape than other weapons on this list, which makes it easier to bat off darts if you are using it in a real Nerf war.

As a melee weapon for close combat, this is also an excellent choice due to its light weight and the ease of use when holding it with one hand!

Conclusion: Best Nerf Swords and Other Cool Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are great to use during Nerf battles and this list of awesome Nerf melee products should get you started on figuring out what kind of weapon you will need during a Nerf war!