Are Nerf Guns Worth Anything? 10 Most Coveted

Are Nerf Guns Worth Anything

Some people will buy toys strictly for the fun that they provide. However, others may have their sights set on certain toys in anticipation that they might be worth something more down the road.

Because Nerf is such a large brand with an extensive history of making toys, some people may wonder, are Nerf guns worth anything or will they be worth anything in the future?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at where Nerf stands now and whether or not that momentum may continue.

As a general rule, most Nerf guns decrease in value when purchased to 25-50% off of their retail price, however, there are a small amount of Nerf guns values that have gone up due to age, scarcity, and uniqueness. 

The 25-50% amount comes from actual research done from sales on eBay, FB Groups and retail pricing on places like Amazon and Wal-Mart. You can check to see what I paid and sold a Nerf gun for here.

Are Nerf Guns Worth Anything

Are Nerf Guns Worth Anything? Yes, But Don’t Make That Your Focus

As you’ll soon discover, there are some Nerf products worth a considerable amount of money, far more than what they would normally retail for. However, now is the perfect time to dive into why investing in certain collectibles isn’t always the best choice.

Investing in collectibles comes with a great deal of risk. Why? The biggest issue with collectibles is that there is no guaranteed value.

Volatility is high with collectibles because they can be worth something today and absolutely nothing tomorrow. If you’re going to invest in Nerf blasters, it’s best to do so with the intent of using them or getting some form of joy from them.

Another important thing to remember is that they’re only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Just because you find a listing for a certain amount doesn’t mean that the demand is there.

One other note, Nerf blasters are worth more when they are in an unopened, undamaged package. Which we all know is extremely hard to find. 

Then, you end up stuck with a $400 Nerf blaster that no one is looking to buy. Put simply, investing in Nerf blasters with the hope that they’ll be worth something later may be a less fruitful strategy than investing in Nerf because you like it.

Keep this in mind as you continue your Nerf journey!

Nerf Guns That Are Worth Some Major Cash

There are actually more than a handful of Nerf blasters that are worth far more than they would normally retail for.

However, because you don’t see them, you may not know exactly what they’re worth. Let’s take a look at a few awesome Nerf toys that are much more expensive than when they were first released.

Just a heads up: Some of the images below we couldn't find which further shares the scarcity of the blaster. 

1. The Nerf Vortex Pyragon

NERF Vortex VTX Pyragon

It’s pretty surprising that a disc launcher from Nerf could be accompanied by such a high price tag, but this is exactly what happened with the Nerf Vortex Pyragon.

Although there have been several reskins since the original Pyragon was released in 2012, it’s the first version of this excellent disk blaster that fetches the most money.

If you have an original Nerf Vortex Pyragon on your hands, you could expect as much as $230!

2. The Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18

Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18


Glow in the dark is by no means a new entrance in the Nerf universe, but while other blasters cost very little to obtain, the Nerf N-Strike Rayven CS-18 costs a pretty penny.

Featuring an 18-dart clip and an electronic firing system, this glow-in-the-dark shooter would make an excellent primary weapon for any player.

But how much would it cost to get your hands on? If you want to take the Nerf Rayven home, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $235.

3. The Original Nerf Crossbow

The Original Nerf Crossbow


The original Nerf Crossbow was released back in 1995, a crossbow was released under the company Kenner, which was acquired by Nerf. At the time, you could get this crossbow for as little as $25.

However, due to its collectibility and performance, this crossbow is valuable and goes for as much as $250 online. 

If you happen to have it hiding somewhere, hold onto it or consider putting it on the market for serious Nerf players and collectors!

4. The Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow

Dude Perfect Signature Bow Nerf Sports Biggest Nerf Bow with 2 Nerf Whistling Arrows For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Another bow product that managed to significantly increase its price over time is the Nerf Dude Perfect Signature Bow.

A branded, limited edition product, this bow can reach ranges of up to 105 feet (and looks great doing it).

If you purchased this when it first came out, you’ll discover that this bow could fetch $250 or even much more if you manage to find the right buyer. That's some serious money for a Nerf bow and arrow. 

5. The Nerf Lazertag System

Nerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack - Fun Multiplayer Laser Tag Game for Kids & Adults, Ages 8 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)

The last thing you think about when you think about Nerf is likely laser tag. However, one of these Nerf systems is worth quite a bit if you still have the blaster system in your possession.

The Nerf Lazertag System is not only unique because it’s one of the few dart-less blaster types in the Nerf universe, but it also came with exciting features like recoil and rumble.

Additionally, there was space where you could modify them to allow for an even more accurate experience. Although this package is small, the value and price tag is big, coming in at $250.

6. The Nerf Max Force Manta

The Nerf Max Force Manta

The Nerf Max Force Manta is arguably one of the most unique blasters on this list, which justifies its high price point.

Released in 95, this blaster acts as both a shield and a weapon, helping you block oncoming fire while utilizing two barrels to hit your target with accuracy. Whether you still have one or are looking to sell one, these Mantas sell for around $425.

7. The Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone

NERF TerraScout Recon Toy RC Drone N-Strike Elite Blaster with Live Video Feed 18 Official Elite Darts and Rechargeable Battery for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Have you ever dreamt of being able to shoot your enemies remotely? If so, you would probably have been a fan of the Nerf Terrascout Recon RC Drone.

This drone came with remote-control capabilities, was capable of holding up to 35 darts in its drum, and delivered darts through automatic fire. A limited release, this valuable blaster could now cost you around $315 to obtain.

8. The 1991 Nerf Master Blaster

Nerf Master Blaster


Back in the day, original Nerf weapons didn’t perform in the same manner that they do now. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have value.

The Nerf Master Blaster was released back in 92 and was one of the first Nerf blasters available. This blaster features two barrels with eight large Nerf balls that were guaranteed to hit your enemies.

Although it’s hard to find a blaster still in its package, you could fetch as much as $200 for this original blaster. eBay has a few of these underpriced which can make for a good opportunity to flip them. 

9. The 1991 Nerf Slingshot

1991 Nerf Slingshot

Another great example that time often breeds demand, the Nerf Slingshot that was released in the 90s held up to three foam balls and was known for being a great weapon to play with.

Though there’s not much to discuss when it comes to this basic slingshot, the price point is certainly a conversation starter. The Nerf Slingshot may sell for an average price of $120 today.

10. The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25
No products found.

There are a lot of massive blasters that are worth a substantial amount of money. However, when you add rarity to the mix, you can easily increase the price.

One great example of this is the Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25. The Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 is a large blaster that’s capable of shooting darts at a speed of up to three darts per second utilizing its unique belt system.

If you were looking to land this blaster, you can expect to pay up an average price of $520 just to get your hands on one. That's very valuable Nerf guns!

Why do people collect Nerf guns?

A few individuals buy them for heavy-duty customizing called "modding", such as removing components and adding new ones. Their most common application, however, is in war games. Capture the Flag is one of the most popular ways to play combat games using Nerf guns.

As you can see from the above examples, there are numerous expensive Nerf guns that have risen in value with time and scarcity.

If you have a ton of blasters that haven’t been opened up, check them out and see what others are willing to pay for them.

You’ll never know what kind of treasures you find when you look back at your collection.

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