5 Creative Nerf Dart Storage Ideas & Nerf Gun Storage

In light of recent events, keeping the kids busy is often at the top of most parents’ to-do lists as families spend more and more time inside.

One of the best ways to keep kids busy and entertained is with the help of some of the exciting Nerf blasters listed throughout our website.

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The problem?

While keeping Nerf guns neat and organized can be a relatively simple task, storing all the ammunition needed to power these blasters can be a complicated feat.

Fortunately, plenty of other parents have come up with some creative solutions to make sure that their child’s passion for Nerf is not a messy one.

If you are having trouble getting all of your child’s ammo in one place, here are 5 Nerf dart storage ideas that are guaranteed to make dart storage a breeze. 

5 Creative Nerf Dart Storage Ideas & Nerf Gun Storage Ideas

Fortunately, plenty of other parents have come up with some creative solutions to make sure that their child’s passion for Nerf is not a messy one. If you are having trouble getting all of your child’s ammo in one place, here are 5 Nerf dart storage ideas that are guaranteed to make dart storage a breeze.

1. Use a Hanging Shoe Storage System for Loaded Nerf Clips

Hanging shoe organizers provide easy, accessible storage that sits on the back of most doors. However, these helpful items are not just great for sneakers. You can also turn them into an area where your child keeps all of their clip systems!

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Using this method of organization, each shoe slot can fit at least a few clip systems at a time or, if your child has an extensive Nerf collection, you can dedicate each row to a certain line or blaster.

This way, when your child is preparing for their next Nerf battle, all they have to do is grab their clip systems (which can be pre-loaded for further convenience) and go!

Once they’ve finished their battle, they just fill them up and put them back where they’re supposed to be. If you have any leftover darts that don’t belong to a clip, you can store them in whatever pockets remain.

2. Make Translucent Drawers Your New Tool for Organizing Different Nerf Darts

Clip systems can certainly clutter up a household, but loose darts are arguably far harder to keep organized. One of the best storage products to use when facing the problem of too many loose darts is a set of affordable translucent plastic drawers that seem to be trending everywhere.

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This is an especially efficient tool to use if your child has loose darts from various Nerf blaster lines. One drawer can hold their regular N-Strike Elite series darts while other drawers may hold niche products like N-Strike Zombie darts or N-Strike Mega Nerf darts.

When they go to play, they simply find the bullets they need from the drawer, load their blaster, and prepare for battle. When they’re done, they can either keep their gun loaded with the ammo they need for the next battle or put the darts back into the respective drawer.

You may even want to purchase another set of drawers for their Nerf guns so that everything is stored in the same place!

3. Hang Candy/Food Dispensers Near Their Nerf Storage Areas

Chances are that your local health food store or candy store has a section where you are able to scoop out your favorite bulk goods. Some people have built upon this idea, filling these see-through dispensers with Nerf darts instead of candy.

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This allows you to store a surplus of ammunition that your child can simply take out and use for their Nerf battles. Then, when they’re done, they just put it back into the box until they need to use the darts again.

The best part? If you are someone who has a wall dedicated solely to Nerf blasters, these items can be hung beside the blasters for convenient access.

Just make sure that you tell your child that extra ammo does not mean that the ammo they take out each time is disposable!

4. Turn Pencil Boxes Into Quick and Convenient Nerf Dart Storage

Not everyone has a host of blasters and darts that they need to use when they decide to play Nerf.

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For collections that are on the smaller side, turning to items like empty pencil boxes or similar storage containers can give them a place to keep their darts and even carry them around when they are fighting against their siblings or friends.

Small and compact, these boxes can then be stacked one on top of another in a drawer or other storage space to make for simpler clean up.

If your child needs to store away their darts but doesn’t need extensive space for them, smaller boxes like pencil boxes serve as great containers for loose darts.

5. Transform Old Craft and Hobby Containers Into New Storage Areas

You don’t always have to purchase new things to properly store your child’s Nerf darts. Instead, consider transforming existing items into new storage spaces for Nerf darts and products.

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One creative example that some have used to organize Nerf darts is bead organizers. Using each of the slots can help you keep a collection of Nerf ammunition neatly organized, especially if you have several lines to keep apart.

Remember, sometimes getting creative and repurposing items in your household can be a great way to keep Nerf products organized without having to spend extra on organizational tools.

Ensuring a Mess-Free Nerf Experience

The storage ideas above are only beneficial if you can keep your environment clean both before and after Nerf battles.

While storage is one half of the battle, taking extra measures to make sure that there is less of a mess can make your storage efforts truly worth it.

So, how can you make sure that your child’s Nerf ammo doesn’t have a chance to make a mess?

NERF Elite Over The Door Storage
  • Over-the-door storage includes three small pockets at the top with elastics to store blasters, accessories, darts and magazines (not included), plus three small mesh pockets below for extra storage
  • Comes with two large pockets at the bottom to store larger blasters or accessories
  • Elastic bands in the middle are perfect to hold magazines or other accessories in place
  • Have Nerf Battles Outside: Playing Nerf inside can be rather limiting, especially if there are very few areas that are left unoccupied throughout the day.

    With the exception of major wind or weather, playing outside is one great way to work around this problem.

  • Pickup After Every “Round” or Battle: Making sure that your child cleans up after every battle is key to preventing darts from spreading out and accumulating over time.

    Whether it be after every “round” or after a full-on battle, have your child goes and picks up all of the ammunition that they have fired.

    Then, ask them to put that ammo back into its designated storage area. These habits will help to keep everything clean no matter how big the Nerf battle may be.
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  • Pick Areas in the Home Where Darts Are Less Likely to Get Trapped Behind Things: Nerf darts have a habit of getting stuck in places where they are difficult to retrieve.

    If playing outside isn’t possible, try to find an area in your home where it will be much harder to lose Nerf darts while playing. You may even find a way to arrange the furniture so that your kids can comfortably play in the room and reuse the Nerf darts that they are firing at each other.

    If there are no areas where the darts can get lost, it becomes easier to clean up after every Nerf battle.

Blaster Storage Rack 

Beginners may be able to store their Nerf blasters and ammunition or other accessories for the time being in a tiny bin.

However, as their collection expands, appropriate storage is critical, especially if they have pricey blasters and equipment that might be damaged if not stored correctly.

What can you trust to keep your Nerf gear in good shape for years? One item created especially by Nerf is the Nerf Elite blaster rack. Let's have a closer look at what the Nerf Elite blaster rack has to offer for those with a growing collection of weapons.

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Nerf Dart & Gun Storage Ideas - Wrap-Up

While Nerf darts are an essential part of the blasting experience, Nerf dart storage is something that is very rarely considered.

If you have been having trouble keeping your child’s darts organized in one place, use the 5 Nerf dart storage ideas listed above as well as the cleaning tips to make Nerf fun and stress-free for everyone in your family.

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