Different Types of Nerf Darts: Explained & Compared

Let's take a walk down memory lane as we analyze the different types of Nerf darts over the years. From the large Mega darts to the new glow-in-the dark...

Nerf has had an amazing run since its inception, creating lines upon lines of new Nerf blasters that help deliver fun to any child’s life.

But while we tend to focus on learning more about the wide variety of blasters that Nerf has released, we skip over some of the most exciting aspects of these popular blasters: the darts!

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the darts that you rely on during your Nerf battles, let’s dive into some different types of Nerf darts you’ll come across while you’re shopping around.

The Different Types of Nerf Darts Over The Years

Let's take a walk down memory lane as we analyze the different types of Nerf darts over the years. From the large Mega darts to the new glow-in-the dark...

1. The Nerf Micro Dart

The Nerf Micro Dart was a product developed for the N-Strike series back in 2003. If you had a blaster like the Nerf N-Strike Maverick REV-6, you’re most likely familiar with these darts.

Sporting an orange body with a blue suction tip, these were among the first darts you probably played with when you first started your Nerf collection.

These darts were much smaller than modern offerings and have been replaced by newer models that offer better performance.

2. The Nerf Whistler Dart

Nerf Ultra Sonic Screamers 20-Dart Refill Pack - Darts Whistle Through The Air - Compatible Only with Nerf Ultra Blasters

The Nerf Whistler Dart was developed as a variant for the Micro Dart in 2003 and would last much longer than the previous ammo.

Featuring a similar body with a rounded tip containing a hole, shooting whistling darts at enemies would produce a whistling noise that would be both exciting and nervewracking if you happened to find yourself on the other end of it.

These darts were discontinued in 2011.

3. The Nerf Streamline Dart

Hasbro Nerf Clip System Streamline Darts, 16 pk

The Nerf Streamline Dart was designed in 2006 for the N-Strike series and was meant to be a universal dart that could be used in weapons with clip systems (something that its predecessor, the Micro Dart, couldn’t do).

Despite being a follow-up for the Micro Dart, the Nerf Streamline Dart did not have a great reputation. Whereas other darts offer a hollow body, the Streamline Dart had a long, hollow middle with a hollow tip.

This resulted in a lack of accuracy and darts that would break quite easily over time. Fortunately, the Streamline Dart is no longer around and has been replaced with better options.

4. The Nerf Elite Dart

NERF N-Strike Elite 12 Dart Refill Pack

The Nerf Elite Dart was released in 2012 with the production of the Nerf N-Strike Elite series. The Nerf Elite Dart was definitely a major improvement from the Nerf Streamline Dart, with Nerf N-Strike Elite weapons claiming an improved distance of up to 75-feet.

That being said, the accuracy and distance of the Nerf Elite Dart are hit or miss (pun intended).

Because it still has some of the design flaws of previous iterations, it may not always hit its mark, which can also be attributed to some of the design elements of the blaster you’re using as well.

That being said, these modern darts are still much better than older versions.

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NERF N-Strike Elite 12 Dart Refill Pack
  • Darts are compatible with any N-Strike Elite blaster and most original N-Strike blasters - sold separately
  • Refill Pack includes 12 N-Strike Elite darts

5. The Nerf Mega Dart

Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri-Break

The Nerf Mega Dart comes from the Nerf N-Strike Mega series developed in 2013. The major difference between this dart release and other dart releases is the fact that it is substantially larger than other darts Nerf developed in the past.

Because of its sheer size, this dart flies further than other blasters in previous series, offering a greater chance of hitting your enemies on the battlefield.

Additionally, Nerf Mega Darts come with whistling tips to make your shots even more intimidating as you launch them across the battlefield. If you don’t already have a Nerf N-Strike Mega blaster in your collection, you should definitely consider it!

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Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri-Break
  • Break-open blaster
  • Break open the barrel to load darts

6. The Nerf Zombie Strike Dart

Nerf Zombie Strike Dart Refill Pack

Although the Nerf N-Strike Elite series offers some of the most reliable Nerf blasters around, some players may be looking for products that offer a little more personality.

One dart that comes from such a series is the Nerf Zombie Strike Dart. The Nerf Zombie Strike series is one that’s set in an apocalyptic future where zombies reign free.

This series not only sets the mood with brilliantly designed weaponry, but you’ll discover that the Nerf Zombie Strike Dart matches the weaponry as well, sporting a bright green design that adds even more character to the Zombie Strike blasters.

Nerf Zombie Strike Dart Refill Pack
  • Use with Crossfire Bow or Sidestrike blaster (sold separately)
  • Darts also work with N-Strike blasters (sold separately)

7. The Nerf Doomlands Dart

Nerf Doomlands Dart Refill

The Nerf Doomlands Dart is representative of another great, themed series. In Doomlands, you’re operating in a post-apocalyptic universe filled with bandits and mutated monsters.

The Nerf Doomlands series offers a more mellow color scheme, utilizing deep oranges and pale golds to set the theme (with a transparent portion of plastic over the firing mechanism on every blaster).

As such, you’ll find that the Nerf Doomlands Dart is also a light copper with a black tip. If you enjoy themed games, this is another series to look into.

Nerf Doomlands Dart Refill
  • N-Strike Elite blasters and Elite darts deliver the ultimate in blaster performance
  • Mega Series blasters feature Mega Whistler Darts that scream through the air

8. The Nerf AccuStrike Dart

Nerf Darts 30 Pack Refill For Elite Blasters -- Official N-Strike Elite Darts -- For Kids, Teens, Adults , Blue

The Nerf AccuStrike Dart was developed for the Nerf AccuStrike series of blasters, but you’ll be surprised to learn that it can work with Nerf N-Strike Elite series blasters as well (although you’ll likely want to be careful when placing them in clip systems or drums).

The Nerf AccuStrike Dart separates itself with a corkscrew-shaped tip and a more balanced body that’s designed to reduce drag and improve accuracy.

These darts were developed in 2017, so you can still buy them if you have an AccuStrike or Elite series blaster.

Nerf Darts 30 Pack Refill For Elite Blasters -- Official N-Strike Elite Darts -- For Kids, Teens, Adults , Blue
  • Compatible with all official Nerf blasters that use Elite darts: compatible with all Nerf N-Strike Elite, accustrike Elite, zombie Strike, and modulus blasters
  • Blast for distance with Nerf Elite darts

9. The Nerf Glow in the Dark Dart

AMOSTING 100PCS Refill Darts for Nerf N Strike Elite 2.0 Series Glow in The Dark Bullets Pack – Compatible with All Elite Blasters White

The Nerf Glow in the Dark Dart was released for four different blasters but has since been discontinued and has remained that way.

Glow in the Dark Darts are actually quite rare due to the limited number of blaster releases, making blasters that use this type of ammunition quite rare and desirable for some collectors.

However, beyond the fact that they can glow in the dark, there’s not too much else to these products!

AMOSTING 100PCS Refill Darts for Nerf N Strike Elite 2.0 Series Glow in The Dark Bullets Pack – Compatible with All Elite Blasters White
  • Dart Size: 7.2x1.2cm. It will glow in the dark after absorbing enough sunlight. Work for most Nerf guns that use similar size darts. Includes 100 PCS darts.
  • Universal bullets: Work for Nerf guns that accept standard elite darts, such as N-Strike Elite, Elite2.0, Zombie Strike, Retaliator, Flip Furry, Side Strike, Warrior, Strongarm, Nite Finder EX-3, Modulus ECS-10 Blaster, Jolt, Stryfe, Rhino-Fire, Spectre Rev-5 Stealth, Modulus Recon MKII, Hammershot, Triad EX-3, Doominator, Crosscut, SlingFire, Episode VII Stormtrooper Deluxe, IonFire, Demolisher, Rampage, Alpha Trooper Mission, DualStrike, etc.

10. The Nerf Tagger Micro Dart

Nerf Dart Tag Refill Pack: 30 Tagger Micro Darts

As with the previous dart type, Nerf Tagger Micro Darts have been discontinued and were on a very limited run.

These darts were released under the Dart Tag series of products that allowed darts with velcro tips to stick to special clothing for players.

Unless you still have this equipment, you probably won’t be looking for these darts any time soon.

How many types of Nerf darts are there?

Nerf has created over 50 variations of the 10 different types of Nerf Darts over the years. Nerf darts are made out of three different materials: foam, rubber, and elastomer. Nerf has also released multiple types of blasters that shoot these darts.

Are Nerf darts compatible with all Nerf guns?

As a general rule, Nerf darts are compatible with all Nerf guns. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, the Nerf Magnus and the Nerf Mega Centurion cannot use regular-sized darts because they are too big. Instead, they use oversized Mega Darts. 

Why do Nerf darts have holes?

The holes on Nerf darts are there to make them fly more accurately. The air pressure behind the dart can escape through the holes, which helps steer the dart in the right direction. Without the holes, the air pressure would cause the dart to spin and wobble as it flew, making it less accurate. That’s why all Nerf darts have them!

Are Nerf darts hollow?

The tips of the Nerf darts are flexible and hollow so they can fly further and faster when shot. The foam material is soft so it doesn't hurt when it hits someone, yet it's durable enough to withstand multiple shots. Nerf darts are designed for all ages, so whether you're a kid or an adult, there's a Nerf dart that will be perfect for you. 

Why do Nerf darts fishtail?

When the dart head compresses, it deforms the shape and unbalances the dart. Because darts have insufficient weight to keep them in flight, they are unable to recover or change their course. The dart will fishtailing, curving, swerving, and so on as a result of this lack of balance.

Can Nerf Elite use ultra darts?

Unfortunately, No. Nerf Elite blasters cannot use Ultra darts. Ultra darts are conformed in a manner that only allows Ultra blasters to use them. Elite darts can be used on Elite blasters. 

Different Types of Nerf Darts - Conclusion

Nerf darts, like blasters, are quite unique, and you’ll find that there all kinds you may not have even known about.

Whether you’re looking for a refill on old darts you’ve run out of or just like to learn more about the world of Nerf, the guide above will help you dive into some of the most essential Nerf darts produced thus far!

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