The 5 Best Nerf Eye Protection (2021) For Safe Fun

For the most part, playing with Nerf blasters comes with very few risks. However, other blasters and Nerf accessories may pose some risk of harm, especially if the ammunition should come into direct contact with the eyes.

That being said, there are products that you can use to prevent any serious damage from occurring in the heat of battle.

To help your Nerf players stay protected, here are the 5 best Nerf eye protection products that’ll offer additional safety.  

Top Choice

NERF Rival Face Mask (Blue)

Nerf Rival face masks come with an elastic band in the back to hold the mask tightly against your face and provide you with eye coverage much like the goggles above.

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Best Nerf Eye Protection Products 

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Vision Gear 

Sometimes, the most basic products work the best. One of the go-to Nerf eye protection products to try is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series vision gear.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Series vision gear are the perfect glasses for younger players who often find themselves getting struck by the odd dart here and there.

Just put them on, fire, and rest assured that you’ll remain protected when a dart comes your way.

Although it doesn’t offer full-face protection, this product will do the trick for those who are in need of basic eye protection. 
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2. Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear 

The biggest issue with Nerf accessories is that they can often leave out some of the exciting gear that some girls want to play with. Fortunately, that’s not the case when it comes to eye protection.

Nerf Rebelle vision gear offers the same type of protection as the above, with the exception that these glasses come with the Rebelle logo, a white frame, and pink-tinted lenses that pull the entire design together.

If you have a Nerf Rebelle fan in the family, these glasses offer both the fashion and functionality that they’re looking for.  

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3. Nerf N-Strike Elite Series Goggles 

Glasses can provide you with the safety that you’re looking for. The problem? Although glasses work great to defend someone from oncoming darts, the issue is that they can be extremely hard to keep on the face while running around.

For those who are more active during a battle, the Nerf N-Strike Elite Series goggles may be a better choice overall. These goggles sport the traditional blue and orange colors that the Nerf N-Strike series is known for.

With a strap in the back and full eye coverage, players can run into any battle feeling protected and safe.  

4. Nerf Rival Face Mask (Blue)

The Nerf Rival series is considered to be a series for older players. This is due to the fact that the blasters are much more powerful and use high-impact foam rounds instead of Nerf foam darts.

As such, face protection can be quite important when engaging in these types of battles. But where do you turn to for this type of safety gear? Fortunately, Nerf has developed their own masks for this specific series.  

NERF Rival Face Mask (Blue)

Nerf Rival face masks come with an elastic band in the back to hold the mask tightly against your face and provide you with eye coverage much like the goggles above.

However, this face mask also comes with a face portion filled with holes to ensure that you’re able to breathe while running around the battlefield.  

The interesting thing about the Nerf Rival series is that it comes with pre-determined colors to separate you into teams as soon as all of the players are together.

NERF Rival Face Mask (Blue)
  • Nerf Rival Face Mask identifies you as a member of Team Blue
  • Breathable design
  • Adjustable elastic band

Whether you own Nerf Rival Phantom Corps gear that allows you to choose your team or you have traditional gear in either red or blue,  you can use this mask to build upon your collection and go onto your chosen team.  

You may even find yourself wanting to purchase more series gear to really get into the battle! 

Additional Suggestion: Nerf Rival Face Mask (Red) 

As you may have guessed, this is its own separate suggestion because it lies within the series but offers a red and black color scheme rather than blue and black.

The characteristics of this mask are the same but this is one is designed for those who want to be able to place themselves on the red team rather than the blue one. 

NERF Rival Face Mask (Red)
  • Nerf Rival Face Mask identifies you as a member of Team Red
  • Breathable design
  • Adjustable elastic band

5. Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Vision Gear or Face Mask 

If you’re looking to be able to change teams at a moment’s notice, you may be more interested in eye protection like that offered by Nerf Rival Phantom Corps vision gear or the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps face mask instead.  

The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps face mask provides the same level of protection as the face masks above, with the exception that comes with the ghost-white color scheme of the series to help others see that you have Phantom Corps.

Nerf Rival Mask Blaster & Combat

Unfortunately, this color stays the same on your gear, which means that teammates and opponents will have to look at your gear to see which color flag you have.  

The Nerf Rival Phantom Corps vision gear, on the other hand, operates a little bit differently. This Nerf Rival Phantom Corps gear is not a full face mask, but a set of goggles that helps protect only the eyes (and looks great while doing it). However, there is one major advantage that this pair of goggles comes with.  

Rather than having you only display one color while running around, this gear comes with a lever that helps you switch between the colors red and blue at the top of your googles.

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This way, when you’re ready to rush into battle and have added the necessary banner to your blaster, you can also flip the switch on your goggles to switch to your team colors, helping others identify you more easily.

Although it lacks the bottom portion like the above, this is one excellent product looking further into if you want to ensure others can see what team you’re on with ease.  


Having the best Nerf eye protection when going into battle is important if looking to avoid any potential injuries, however unlikely they may be.

To help you find one that will work perfectly for the Nerf enthusiast in your life, use the guide above to dive deeper into the five best Nerf eye protection options that you can