My Nerf Elite Blaster Rack Review

My Nerf Elite Blaster Rack Review

Nerf players who are just starting their collection may be able to store their Nerf blasters and ammo or other accessories in a small bin for the time being. However, as their collection grows, proper storage is important, especially if they have expensive blasters and gear that could be ruined if they’re not put away properly. But … Read more

The Ultimate Nerf Ultra Five Review

Review: Has the Nerf Ultra Five caught your attention? Here’s everything you need to know about the Nerf Ultra Five to make an educated purchase.

Motorized blasters are great for power and speed.  However, when it comes to control and the confidence that your blaster won’t lose power over time, not so much. Fortunately, the Nerf Ultra Two isn’t the only handgun in the series worth considering. If you’re not in love with the motorized blaster model, you can instead … Read more

The Ultimate Nerf Ultra Amp Review

Review: The Nerf Ultra Amp sticks to its guns and maintains the color scheme characteristic of the series, sporting a ghost white and Nerf orange design with a golden “ULTRA” logo on the side of the blaster.

Our final entry in this series, the Nerf Ultra Amp is an excellent compact weapon to carry around if you want an easy-to-use, formidable weapon that you can operate without fail. But when it comes to this final entry, does it stack up to some of the other blasters that we’ve covered so far, and is … Read more

Nerf Ultra Two Review: A New Breed of Handgun

In this review we’re going to take a look at the new Nerf Ultra Two to see whether or not it’s a Nerf handgun worth having at their side.

Every Nerf enthusiast needs to have a handgun in their arsenal. Why? Without a secondary weapon on hand, things can get messy in the middle of a Nerf battle should they run out of ammo in their primary weapon. That being said, having a high-quality secondary blaster on their side is of the utmost importance. In this … Read more

9 Most Popular Places to Sell Used Nerf Guns w/ Sold Prices

Selling used Nerf guns can be a frustrating task with lots of questions- where to sell, how much, etc. I breakdown where I have sold all of my nerf guns

In November of 2020, I decided it would be a good idea to start a YouTube channel testing popular questions everything in between related to Nerf guns.  Shameless plug, you can check out the Dart Dudes channel here.  I love Nerf guns but we simply don’t have the space in our house for all of these guns. After … Read more

The 5 Best Nerf Mega Pistols

Are you looking for a reliable pistol that won’t let you down in battle? If so, take a look at our list of the 5 best pistols that the Nerf Mega line has to offer!

Nerf has managed to captivate us throughout the years with its many different blaster series and variations. From the wastelands of an asteroid-stricken earth to the dangerous zones of the zombie apocalypse, we have seen all manner of gun designed to carry us through even the most difficult situations.Top Choice: Best Nerf Mega Pistols1. Nerf N-Strike Mega BigShock … Read more

The 6 Best Nerf Doomlands Guns

If you have decided on a blaster from this series, here are the 6 best Nerf Doomlands guns that you should consider purchasing if you are interested in this line!

Imagine this: the year is 2169. You are wandering a post-apocalyptic landscape that came about as a result of a massive asteroid impact in previous years. Life here is strange, filled with fantastical and monstrous lifeforms. The only thing standing between you and them: your blaster. The brief story above is not a tale from our imagination … Read more