Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Review 

Nerf Super Soaker XP100 Review: As you already know, the Nerf Super Soaker XP100 is a rerelease of the 1990 Super Soaker 100.

When your child wants a vintage blaster of their own, you don’t always have to scour the internet looking for the right blast from the past to purchase them.  In fact, much like Nerf will essentially rerelease older blasters with improvements (or as is with a few changes to the look of the blaster), Hasbro … Read more

What Happened to Super Soakers? Nerf Takes Over 

What Happened to Super Soakers? Nerf Takes Over

Nerf is most well-known for its dart blasters, but squirt guns are arguably another portion of the toy market that it corners.  In fact, you might be quite familiar with the popular brand Super Soakers. But where did Super Soakers go, and what’s the history of this brand name squirt gun associated with wet and … Read more

My In-Depth Super Soaker Hydra Review

My In-depth Super Soaker Hydra Review: Let’s dive into what the Super Soaker Hydra is and what it has to offer Nerf enthusiasts looking for something entirely new.

Nerf blasters can be enjoyed during any season of the month. But when the summer heat strikes, many parents and children are looking for something that goes above and beyond to keep them cool and entertained. If you’re interested in other types of Nerf weapons that can help you achieve the above, you may want to … Read more

5 Best Super Soaker Under $50

5 Best Super Soaker Under $50: If you’re looking for a Super Soaker that’s both within your budget and gives you the power you’re looking for, let’s take a look at the best Super Soaker under $50 and some runner-ups to consider adding to your collection.

Nerf seems to pump out a host of dart blasters each year, which has resulted in an extensive line of blasters to choose from across multiple series. But while water guns aren’t as highly discussed, the truth is that these products have seen just as much attention. The problem? While there are a ton of these blasters out … Read more