Nerf Rebelle Cornersight Blaster Review

The Nerf Rebelle Cornersight Blaster is listed as one of the top 10 Nerf Rebelle Blasters by many bloggers.

Its unique features include a swiveling muzzle and built-in flip-out mirrors that enable the Nerfer using the Cornersight to aim and fire at tough angles and corners.

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Overview of the Nerf Rebelle Cornersight Blaster

The Nerf Cornersight Blaster measures at 14.6 x 10 x 2.1 inches in dimension. 

It weighs in at about 1.25 pounds and is labeled as a blaster that is meant for those that are at least eight years of age.

It was released in Fall 2016 under Nerf's Rebelle series but has since been discontinued. However, you are likely to be able to find it in select second-hand websites and stores if you are interested in purchasing it.

Included in the purchase of a Rebelle Cornersight Blaster are four Collectible Darts and the blaster itself. The swiveling muzzle allows the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster to bend towards the right or left.

It is marketed to be a blaster that revolves around catching the target by surprise, through the functionality of its swiveling muzzle along with the use of its flip-open mirrors that is built into both sides of the blaster.

The Rebelle Cornersight Blaster is advertised to shoot up to 75 feet. It utilizes a slide-action priming mechanism which involves pulling back the top slide piece and releasing it.

There is also a return-spring built-in that removes the need to manually push the piece back forward.

It has been released in two different color schemes. One features white as its base color along with light blue, black, and orange accents and highlights.

The other features purple as its base and black, white, blue, and orange as accents and highlights.

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The Renown of the Nerf Rebelle Cornersight Blaster

The Nerf Rebelle Cornersight Blaster was extremely popular for its novelty and much like the rest of the Rebelle line made a decent amount of hype by simply being a blaster for young girls.

Although its initial renown was built upon its novelty and the fun that it provides through its swiveling muzzle, the Nerf Rebelle Cornersight has since been claimed to qualify as a high-performing blaster, which was a pleasant surprise for many Nerfers.

Other Areas Where the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster Performs

The Rebelle Cornersight Blaster has been reported by Drac Thalassa to have a heavy priming system that is bound to give its user an adrenaline rush, especially so seeing that it uses slide-action for priming.

The Rebelle Cornersight Blaster has also been said to have one of the best grips in the Rebelle series, though this is not agreed upon by everyone.

The blaster has an angled grip, which many have complimented for being more comfortable.

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The comfortable grip is further accentuated by the Rebelle Cornersight’s relatively small size that makes for easy handling, positioning the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster as the perfect sidearm for a Nerf war.

The blaster has been found to be rather durable, with a thick and heavy front-end that can withstand impact from rough or careless use.

The accuracy of the Rebelle Cornersight is especially good for its size. In terms of impact, the blaster does not provide extraordinary results but is generally rather decent, and significant enough to not impede on your fun.

Another area in which purchasers have been very satisfied with when it comes to the Rebelle Cornersight is the dart storage compartment located at the bottom of the blaster. Its low profile and subtlety make for great novelty as a storage chamber.

Does it live up to its hype?

The Rebelle Cornersight does indeed live up to its hype in terms of both its novelty and its performance and is evident in its unavailability due to its popularity.

The only negative reviews come from an unlucky customer receiving a broken product and another who received the Rebelle Cornersight in a different color scheme from the one that she had ordered.

In terms of Novelty, the Rebelle Cornersight delivers in full force, with many Nerfers having a lot of fun with its swiveling muzzle, gimmicky mirrors, and entertaining storage chamber.

The ratchet mechanism that enables its muzzle to swivel along with its aforementioned heavy priming action that makes playing with the Rebelle Cornersight an immersive experience, as it provides plentiful of tactile feedback to its user.

Of course, the enabling of sneak attacks behind walls has also been a large source of praise for the Rebelle Cornersight.

Though it is a largely impractical function, many Nerfers enjoy launching surprise attacks at the unsuspecting despite the inaccuracy due to lack of vision.

In terms of performance, the firing range of the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster has been reported to be in the range of 60 to 70 feet, which is extremely close to its marketed 75 feet range – a feat that is not common amongst blasters produced by Nerf.

The powerful firing that gives it its impressive range also allows for great accuracy, and it fires smoothly without the occurrence of any jamming.

The design is also sleek and significantly classier than other Rebelle blasters.

The Rebelle Cornersight is also made to be very durable, as previously mentioned, and the swiveling mechanism and flip-open mirrors are unlikely to break or damage in the course of rough or careless play.

The Flaws of the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster

Having said how great of a blaster the Rebelle Cornersight is, it is important to note that the blaster is not without its flaws.

The most obvious flaws comes in the form of its mirrors. Its inclusion of flip-open mirrors is more gimmick-driven than it is performance-driven. The mirrors are made of cheap material and the reflections are largely distorted.

This makes it near impossible to utilize the mirrors to help you aim. In fact, you would have a higher chance of hitting targets around the corner based on intuition and estimation than you would be using its flip-open mirrors.

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Another flaw of the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster is how its swiveling muzzle tends to lock itself in position once you position it in a 90-degree angle.

You will not be able to flip it back by flicking the gun and have to manually position its muzzle to your liking once it is locked.

The swiveling muzzle also leads to the head of the blaster is a little wobbly when attempting to fire straight shots.

However, seeing how its accuracy is significantly better than other blasters due to its power, this is not that big an issue, but existent nonetheless.

Last but not least, the Rebelle Cornersight has also been found to be slightly less ineffective in firing with regards to range and accuracy when it comes to its two lower barrels.

Only darts placed in the upper two barrels fire up to 70 feet.


The video also shows how well the blaster fires even with its muzzle swiveled at 90 degrees. It also shows the producer testing out the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster by trying to hit a target that is located around a corner.

And without further ado, our final verdict on the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster.

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This blaster definitely has its place in your collection regardless of whether you are geared towards the novelty of Nerf blasters or the performance aspect of them.

The Rebelle Cornersight Blaster delivers in both of these areas.

In terms of novelty, its multiple gimmicks promise for great fun, along with a sleek design and portable size that is great for roleplaying purposes.

With the Rebelle Cornersight, you are bound to feel like a real secret agent while firing around stairwells and walls.

But even if the gimmicky mirrors were to be stripped off the Rebelle Cornersight, the blaster remains one that is a must-have, being a versatile four-shot smart AR pistol that is capable of firing over impressive distances of 60 to 70 feet.

Even though it is clearly not the best blaster in terms of performance, it still manages to outperform the rest of its Rebelle counterparts and many other Nerf guns from other product lines.

Great novelty, relatively high performance, aesthetically pleasing – all in all, the Rebelle Cornersight Blaster is a great blaster to have, and one that we would definitely recommend you to add to your collection if you have not already.